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March 4th, 2011

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Need a Band Rehearsal Space??

March 7th, 2016

Very nice band rehearsal space available!  Beautiful private room with enough space for your entire band!  Call to reserve your time today!
Do you have additional equipment needs; PA System, Drums, Keyboard, Piano, Amps?  Ask about our equipment rentals (for use in the rental space only)……

Rob Hunter
Ballard School of Performing Arts
201 Hooper Road
Wylie, Texas  75098

Band Rehearsal copy

Last day for Holiday Music Sale!

December 20th, 2014

Ballard Street Music is having a last day before Christmas sale. Read the rest of this entry »

Searching for a Star 2015 is on the horizon!

October 18th, 2014
I generally don’t post my own performances online with my vocals, I generally spend more time promoting Ballard School students as well as performers that are continuing to follow a musical pathway after being involved with Searching for a Star or other programs that we sponsor. Today I am posting my voice in a pictorial video because I miss performing. In this video I kill two birds with one stone; I promote and I sing!
This is a look back at some of our history.

I hope that you like Summertime!
Rob Hunter

New Programs Coming to Ballard Street Music – All ABOARD!!

October 18th, 2014


Musical Theatre
                          Lesson Costs:  45 minute class – $45.00
60 minute Class – $60.00

Musical Theatre
training class will teach students to approach solos as monologues in which they happen to be singing.  They will learn how to allow the music itself to feed their characters’ emotional life, and how to give equal value to both the lyric and the melody as a means of helping them achieve their characters’ dreams. Working with duets will be an extension of this program, allowing students the joy of exploring songs as scenes rather than just two people taking turns singing.

Audition Prep

                    Lesson Cost: 60 minute class – $60.00
Audition training will prepare the student to successfully handle all aspects of the audition process:

.What to do when waiting to go in the audition
.How to enter the room
.How to talk to the accompanist if auditioning for a musical
.Taking into account the size of the room
.Treating their performance as their own little three act play

Acting Lessons
                         Lesson Cost: 30 minute individual lesson – $31.00
30 minutes class w/2 or more students – $22.50 each student
Acting is living truthfully in imaginary circumstances. Working from the foundation of that description the student will be engaged in an approach that is non-intellectual and focused on their learning how to work from their natural instincts, imagination and heart. Students will be engaged to help them cultivate stillness, body, breath and good vocal awareness, and imaginative freedom.

Instructor:  Greg Holt


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