Calling all adults especially those20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years old and above.  When’s the last time that you challenged yourself to do something completely off the cuff and out of the ordinary? When is the last time that you allowed yourself to do something that for sure would create memories that would last a lifetime, and in fact, may start you on a path that could be very positive?

That’s who I’m looking for, an out of the box thinker! Someone who is not afraid to add something new to you bucket list!  I am challenging all singers to come out and sing on my stage at Murphy Maize Days this coming this Saturday September 27th.  Just for you we have added a new age category for the adults! There used to be 3 categories: 9 and under, 10 – 13, 14 – 18, and now just because we feel that the adults need to be recognized too we have created a 4th.  Come out and show the kids you can sing too!

How great would it be for your sons, daughters and even your grandchildren to see you on stage competing for cash prizes and trophies? How proud would they be of you if you sang on stage?  I tell you without a doubt, you would create a lifelong memory for them to cherish!

You can’t tell me that there aren’t some seniors out there that can lay down some county, some gospel or some rock classics. I’ll bet there are some old rockers and Motown R&B lovers out there that can croon!  I WANT YOU to come out and do what you know you can do!

Sign up to be a part of the community stage – DJ Randy yours truly, Rob Hunter will be there to help you rock your fans world!

Sign up online!!

For more information: 972-429-0047