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Now that you have gotten through the audition stage, there is still one step before you are officially in the competition.   You must now complete the “CONTESTANT REGISTRATION FORM” and pay the $50 registration fee and send or drop off to:

Ballard School of Performing Arts 
130 North Ballard Ave 
Wylie, Texas 75098
Choose and Send Song Files
The email  is the official email to send your song files to.  When you choose your songs you will send your mp3 files to this email.  Remember, this email address should only be used to send your songs to us.  All other correspondences or questions should be sent to:    please save these two addresses. 

Instructions for sending in songs
The Searching for a Star program is not just a singing competition, it is an educational experience too. It will be up to each Star Team to choose your songs, copy the files and email them in so that the songs can be compiled and burned to a disc.  The songs will be sorted to randomly select the performance order; this procedure will be followed for each round of singing. After songs are burned the discs will be given to the sound technician. Below is the procedure to download songs and send them in.

To download your song choices you can join iTunes or Amazon for free.  On iTunes you can go to the iTunes store and in the search box you can type either the artist or the name of the song.  If you want the instrumental (karaoke version) type in the name – karaoke (Example: Frank Sinatra – Karaoke will bring up karaoke versions of songs sung by Frank Sinatra) after choosing your song you can download the song.  Once down loaded you can right click on the song, copy it and then paste it into a file on your desk top.
All songs should be renamed as follows:  Performer name – round number – name of song.  You can then and attach your song to an email and send it to:  

Remember If you need help please send questions to:    
During round a song may be sung by more one than one performer.  During round 2, the semifinals and round 3, the finals, performance songs cannot be duplicated.  If you send in a song that someone else has chosen you will be notified immediately so that you can choose another.  Don’t rush to choose your songs, make certain the song fits your voice and the style that you sing best…

Remember, to make certain your song fits the criteria or in could be rejected!

Good Luck!

Rob Hunter

 Performers across North Texas regardless of singing experience are welcome to participate in the 2012 Searching for a Star competition.  Singers  ages (19 – 39, 40 – 54 or 55 and older) will be chosen for the competition after auditions. 

 This competition is designed to teach self-esteem and confidence to students who want to perform on stage will prepare them for auditions and other competitions. The program will consist of three (3) live performance December 7 and 8, 2012.   Singers in this competition will definitely get valuable  feedback that will be life changing!

 Searching for a Star is patterned after the hit reality show American Idol in its quest to discover talent, but unlike American Idol this program is a “Stage Course” designed to educate, build self-esteem and strengthen the character of our citizens.   As simple as that…it’s completely about sharpening the talents our performers  so that they can pursue with confidence contests, auditions and competitions.



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