Founder’s Message

Just a note to our friends and neighbors across Collin, Dallas and Rockwall counties. The times in which we live are unmistakably trying, and the pressures of life affect us all. It does not matter whether we are financially secure or in need; the economics and global situations cause each of us to work harder and dig deeper to maintain levels of comfort. It is precisely because of these realities that our “Searching for a Star Foundation” was created. I may be wrong, but I feel that extracurricular positive social interaction strengthens communities at the grass roots level. Through this interaction we are more equipped to tackle the effects global problems on our local society. I have noticed that through our Searching for a Star competition, people’s lives are changed! Families come out to support their performers and end up meeting new friends and finding new allies. Each week I see people looking for others who just a few weeks ago were unknown to them; when they finally catch a glimpse, the familiar smile and relief shows on the face as if to say, there you are!

I don’t know how long my mission here will last, but I want you to know, that while I am here, I’ll give all that I can to our children! I am certainly pleased with what our teaching facilities; both public and private along with home school are doing to educate our children. I am also pleased with the existence of organized activities in sports and other clubs. My ventures like the others are established to equip our students on the path of life. I am also absolutely convinced that we need other outside activities to encourage them in their “fun time”. Searching for a star is created for that purpose; we believe in “family time”!

Won’t you come out and support what we are doing? We can’t do this thing alone. We need your help and support! The Searching for a Star Foundation is based in Wylie, Texas. Our purpose is to enrich society by promoting positive change through the performing and visual arts. Through student performances in music, dance and visual arts, we strive to encourage community involvement and cultural awareness for all ages. We have performers representing many cities and towns in Collin, Dallas and Rockwall counties.

“Remember, life begins with music, grows with art, is celebrated with dance… learn it, love it live it!”

Rob Hunter

Founder and President of Searching for a Star Foundation
Founder and President of Ballard Street Music Company



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