The Searching for a Star Foundation’s goal is to pass on the irreplaceable gifts of music, dance, theater and visual arts!

We are a non-profit, scholarship program whose goal is to support those that desire music education but lack the funds to do so. We offer families with limited incomes the opportunity to pursue extracurricular involvement in the performing and visual arts. We also offer seniors in our communities continued opportunities to pursue activities in music, dance, yoga and the visual arts. And we provide music therapy services for children and adults with special needs. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to experience the therapeutic nature of music and we offer a practical approach to our special needs students by engaging children and adult students in active music making partnerships.

Our annual singing competition is just one of the ways that the Searching for a Star Foundation uses to build character and self-confidence in our youth and young adults.

We work to unite and strengthen our communities by creating a mentoring program designed to unite our seniors with our youth. This type of positive social interaction will definitely impact our neighborhoods both now and in the future. It is my hope that you will support our efforts!



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