Round One Auditions in the History Books – On to Round Two!


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Round One Auditions in the Books – On to Round Two!
Last Saturday we completed round one of the 2012 SFAS auditions.  We want to thank all of those that came out… Good luck!  Singers came from as far away as Winnsboro Texas — that is awesome!  If the Winnsboro singers make it into the competition we will be contacting their local news paper and  schools to let them know that they have singers representing their city and school.  We will also contact their Mayor, School Superintendent and principle of the schools to let them know. 

Searching for a Star will do the same for each and every performer selected to be a part of this  competition.  We are also pleased to have a performer from Mesquite to come out and audition.  The cities of Winnsboro and  Mesquite have never been a part of our program which makes this  really exciting!  Singers’ from Wylie Sachse and Garland came out to audition too; that means there are 5 cities with possible representatives … awesome!

When is the next Audition?
This coming Saturday – May 5th is the next day to audition; don’t hesitate to come out.  There is a good chance that you can make it into this year’s competition and you don’t have to be a seasoned singer to try.  If you have sung at karaoke parties or been involved in talent competitions,  if you are involved in programs at school, or mearely enjoy singing,  you can come to audition. 

This competition is not only fun, your involvement can be very rewarding to you and your family.  Searching for a Star is not trying  to make “national stars”, our intentions are to recognize and highlight the talents of our local cities!  We will be choosing 72 performers, yes that’s right, SEVENTY TWO performers to compete this year. If you are 8 to 10, 11 to 14 or 15 to 18 in high school you can come out to audition. That means  24 performers in each of the three above age categories will compete through 5 rounds of singing  representing their fans in this 2012 Searching for a Star Competition! 

Not all of the performers will make it into the competition; like wise, not all of the performers will reach the finals. There can be only  one (1)  over-all winner of this years competition, but that’s the nature of a competition…the stars will compete to see who emerges as the top singer of Searching for a Star.  The over-all winner is promoted for one year and will represent SFAS, singing at various events in cities across North Texas.  That’s not all — all competitors and families need to realize that every performer, not just the ones that go on to the finals, will reap valuable benefits.  All of our 2012 performers will be promoted by SFAS and given  opportunities to sing.  Another benefit is the self confidence and self esteem that each performer will experience because of the exposure, recognition and appreciation that they receive.  When our stars begin to perform, a special bonding occurs; they will see their family, friends and peers get behind them and start encourage them as they move from round to round….  The bonding that occurs is simply amazing!  Moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas will be moved by pride to cheer their star!  The memories created on the SFAS Stage will remain in the hearts and minds of loved ones for years! Each star is representing their school and city!  Every local news paper, fine arts director, school principle, superintendent and mayor is contacted to let them know that they are being represented by a Searching for a Star performer!  Some children never get a chance like this to receive this type of opportunity… Don’t miss yours!

May 5th!
Auditions will continue this Saturday. The start time is 12 noon singers audition on a  first come first serve basis.  Please bring a song of your choice on CD music track or you may sing a’ capella.  You can download and print the “Audition Registration Form” on the SFAS website.  just click on the “Contest Info tab to find the form.  Singers may also pick up a form when they come to register.  There is a $10 audition fee.  Singers selected to take part in the competition will pay an additional $25 contest registration fee; that’s it!

Audition Location:  Ballard School of Performing Arts
                                  130 North Ballard Ave
                                  Wylie, Texas 75098

Hope to see you this Saturday, remember this could be your chance to represent your family, your school and your city!
Need more information?  Call Ballard School of Performing Arts
PS…..Coming this fall  Searching for a Star for adults…  Stay tuned!